About Us

We are a media company who specialise in helping brands or key individuals expand their digital presence by delivering cutting edge consultancy and production services.

Established in 2011 Matmediaonline provides a wide range of services to both past and present UK clients including Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays, Lush Brands, Stonehills and Fashion Africa. 

We understand the importance of building and growing our client's digital offering and supporting them in reaching their business goals.

Our consultancy wing provides specialised services within the Digital Analytics sector and includes professionals with strong backgrounds in Business Analysis, Analytics Tracking & Implementation, Web Analytics and Public Relations.

Our core Media Production team are made up of dedicated professionals who understand how to articulate creative ideas and stories through film for any commercial medium. These include commercials, music videos, corporate videos and TV Documentaries.

Cutting edge media for the world wide web